As a former research technician in Bermuda, Julia began signing up for various running races from 5k to the Bermuda Triangle Challenge. She also enjoyed training at the local CrossFit gym. Her passion for physical activity led her to become a CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer. She moved back to Canada and graduated from the Health & Fitness Promotion Program at Georgian College in 2018.

Julia completed her first Give-It-A-Tri during the 2019 season. With a background in running she, enjoyed the challenge that the swim and bike portions provided. Having gone through the process herself, she now enjoys helping others who are new to the sport. If you need help with anything series-related, feel her to email her at for help.

She is also the owner and head trainer at Horseshoe Valley Strength & Wellness and CrossFit Coach at the Barbell Academy. She is mom to Jelly Bean & Winter, her 9 year-old Australian Sheppard and 3 year-old Great Pyrenees.